by Ryan Hodson
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Learn Objective-C from the syntax up with code samples and detailed explanations of properties, methods, memory management, and much more.
by Lyle Luppes
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The proliferation of mobile devices has forced developers into a mad rush to adapt their websites to function on any device in addition to the conventional desktop or laptop. With ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile Websites Succinctly by Lyle Luppes, you'll learn how to create mobile-friendly websites using the powerful MVC 4 framework while minimizing duplicate content, leveraging jQuery.Mobile and HTML 5, and enhancing performance.
by Ryan Hodson
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The Knockout JavaScript library is an invaluable tool for building dynamic, data-bound web UIs with minimal code. Knockout uses the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern, allowing simplified communication between your data and views, and easier code maintenance.
Demo Video
Orubase produces native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In three simple steps, you'll create hybrid mobile applications that incorporate native navigation, providing an experience indicative of native apps. Chad Church demonstrates how, with .NET, you can use Orubase to create these hybrid apps and cut your deployment time in half.
Orubase Project Wizard Demo
The Orubase Project Wizard allows you to build ASP.NET MVC projects for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps without having to rely on an IDE like Visual Studio or Eclipse. Syncfusion Product Manager Chad Church shows you how in this demo.
Syncfusion Orubase provides an extensive set of mobile web controls that can be directly used in your web applications to produce stunning platform-specific UI. In addition, Orubase provides native wrapper frameworks on the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.
Leverage the power of ASP.NET MVC and your knowledge of HTML, CSS, C#, and JavaScript to build cutting edge, 100% native applications for all leading mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.x. Read it now.
Orubase Datasheet
Accelerate cross-platform enterprise mobile application development leveraging the full power of HTML 5 and the Microsoft .NET platform without compromising the end-user experience.
Infographic: The Future of Mobile
If you have yet to consider preparing your website or apps for mobile devices, you're already behind. The future is mobile. In the next five years, more money and resources will be put toward mobile applications and technologies than ever before. Take a look at where we are headed.