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Enterprise class mobile framework
Orubase is the only mobile application development framework built especially for developing complex line-of-business mobile applications targeting iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms in the shortest possible timeframe.
A showcase application is worth more than a thousand words
The best way to experience what Orubase can create is to try using a typical line of business application built using Orubase. At Syncfusion we have built a mobile client for our online support system using Orubase in less than two weeks. The actual application is available for download from the Apple and Google app stores. A unique feature of the reference application is the use of a native navigation toolbar to enhance user experience.
Technology behind Orubase
An app built with Orubase is either an HTML 5 or ASP.NET MVC application built within Visual Studio that incorporates 30 Orubase user interface controls such as a grids, charts, and gauges.
Native hardware functionality like the camera, accelerometer, and location are made accessible within the web application through the Orubase native bridge framework.
Orubase provides seamless integration with the native device framework, allowing you to build parts of your application using the native framework. For example, the initial screen and the navigation UI can be built using native elements to enhance user experience. When you blur the lines between the web and native, the possibilities are endless.
Perfect blend of HTML 5 and native framework
Orubase employs a unique approach where most of the application is built on top of HTML 5, and some crucial functionality is implemented using the native framework. This blend of HTML 5 and the native device framework provides the best possible end user experience.
Unmatched productivity
All other hybrid application development frameworks require the application logic to be written using JavaScript, which greatly affects productivity when building and maintaining complex line-of-business applications. Orubase is built on top of the ASP.NET MVC platform, which is one of the most productive frameworks for building mobile web applications since all the code is written within Visual Studio using C# or VB.NET. It is possible to build and deploy complete line-of-business mobile applications targeting iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in as little as two weeks.
Convert existing .NET desktop and web applications
Orubase makes it very easy to convert existing line-of-business applications built for the desktop and web to mobile applications since the business and database layers that already exist in your current .NET applications can be effectively reused.
Progressive mobile strategy
Orubase lets you adopt a progressive mobile strategy where you get up and running in the shortest possible timeframe, and can quickly add new features and improve user experience by blurring the line between web and native.
Free training resources
At Syncfusion, we believe in using the right tools for the right job. But we also realize that not everyone is familiar with all the pieces of technology involved in creating an Orubase application, so we created a series of e-books that enables developers to become productive with new technologies in a matter of hours.
Best-in-class support
With our sophisticated Direct-Trac support system, built from the ground up to support enterprise customers, you will have a streamlined support experience. No question is too simple. So feel free to ask anything.